Break the hegemony of Patek Philippe replica watches

Patek Philippe replica watches
Patek Philippe replica watches

Recently, the film “War Wolf 2” Reying, as one of the protagonist of the Zhang Han, with the film in the blood of the male Zhuo who is the role, from the “hegemony president”, “contract fish pond” label and slot in the liberation , It can be said in the image of the transformation has been no small breakthrough. Travel around for the film publicity Zhang Han, exposure is also unusually high. It is so one to two to go, I found the original Zhang Han is also a watch enthusiasts.

In the August 7 “war wolf 2” Shenzhen roadshow scene, Zhang Han wearing a Patek Philippe sports replica watches appear. This series in 1976 after the launch of its classic charm to become the darling of the market. Zhang Han This is only stainless steel Nautilus should be launched in 2010 models. Stainless steel case looks heavy weight, look on the dial on the relief stripes, light and dark gradient and a single timer, the details of the design is vigorous and powerful.

And this table only appeared so back, in July of the activities, Zhang Han also wear. In his long-sleeved shirt, although the table was vaguely covered, but with Patek Philippe case shape and scale recognition, or very easy to recognize.

In addition to stainless steel models, Zhang Han, there is a rose gold Patek Philippe. Is still NAUTILUS nautilus series, but Zhang Han wearing a higher frequency. From the airport to the public activities, and even the magazine photographed, this watch almost never leave the hand. And in the match, Zhang Han’s taste is sure, white shirt, black high-necked sweater … … with the rose gold watch combination, extravagant but not the kind of people scoff of the ho ho.

Although the role in the film and television drama Zhang Han tired of the “hegemony president”, and strive to new breakthroughs. But I guess he actually enjoy the private “President Fan children” style. So that the reason, in addition to his love of rose gold Patek Philippe movement series, but also because he likes gold diamond rolex.

Golden gold case, eye-catching black dial with a rim on the rim of the diamond. To take this only Rolex Sunday calendar 40 watch with good, very difficult. But look at Zhang Han, in fact, has been pretty good. Do not feel awkward and exaggerated, has been regarded as wearing a very good effect.

There are some table control is a pet brand of a table, there are some people who love the table are a variety of watches are “rain are stained.” Zhang Han should be the latter. In addition to Patek Philippe, Rolex, he was in reality show also show their own Yu Bang Big Bang series, Vacheron Constantin Malta series. But on the recent look, he had other options.

Zhang Han Dai this appearance a little strange watch, from the Swiss independent watch brand Ke La Teet (Christophe Claret). It is not well known in the country, and this X-TREM-1 is one of the most popular brand watch, but also a unique personality and identification of one of the style.

This new concept watch is the most interesting watch on both sides of the show when the design. Two hollow steel balls are separated from each other, moving on the left and right side of the case sapphire crystal glass tube to show the time. The magic of this magic device lies in the two balls and the movement between no mechanical links, but rely on the magnetic field to the perfect operation. Ahead of the technology, the sword go Pianfeng style, but also enough niche in the country, this quiet show items “posture”, looks like Zhang Han is very addictive.

Since the table on the chic style of the wind, then Zhang Han bought Yu ship MP series, Richard Mill also reasonable and reasonable.

This is called “wrist monsters” Yu-ship MP series watches, Zhang Han not only in private to catch the plane when wearing, even the filming of the script, Zhang Han also intentionally or unintentionally to it “exposed” too. However, with more than 200 million to buy the table, of course, can be more sun. Like girls to buy a brand-name package, but also anxious to die every day Well ~

In addition Zhang Han there is a Richard Mill, but with Pan Weibo, Lu Han love Man Man’s skull is not the same, Zhang Han is the most beloved diamond section!

This table Zhang Han is also in the recent “war wolf 2” roadshow site wear. Domineering hollow automatic movement coupled with magnificent platinum case inlaid 262 diamonds, tough in a little feminine beauty. Words Richard Mill’s diamond section watches are generally women’s series, this only diamond models, it touches and Zhang Han temperament quite match.

It seems that the film and television drama so many times overbearing president Zhang Han, more or less still affected by the role. The most obvious is to buy the table to go on the “luxury president” line. Do not know “war wolf 2” box office refresh high, Zhang Han will not buy a block “new favorite” treat yourself?