Best Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524R Review

The new rose gold version of 5524 is nothing more than a change in color – whether it’s the color of the cheap Patek Philippe replica watch case or dial – and the men’s watch from the Basel watch show in 2018. In fact, not only Patek has updated the men style But as women’s version has been added to the series, Calatrava Pilot travel time 7234R ms and 37.5 mm watchcase – in fact, Rebecca in her comments report points out, it looks full equality, only different proportion. Two different sizes and a unique formula make a perfect pair of watches.

Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524 has been launched at the international watch fair in Basel. As a truly novel product, this unprecedented watch has no real connection with Patek’s history. At the time, people were surprised by the new watch, including me, because few people had seen a link to past models. It’s still unknown, but Patek used to make pilot watches – as we explained when we first introduced 5524 here. Like many other manufacturers, patek philippe created aviators and military watches before the second world war. As early as 1936, fake Patek Philippe watch has produced a unique watch called “Angle when the wheel” (with unique features, for clockwise rotation within 24 hours, and the radian to is divided into 360 degrees at the center of the circle). Without proper re-editing of the watch, 5524 was somehow inspired by the rather unknown work – now in the brand museum.

Patek Philippe replica watches with Basel in 2015 and horological exhibit a watch is a classic – gothic stereo words and antique pilot hand (that is, many than zenith watches) 20 – but looking at Patek Philippe’s production, it is totally different to some extent. So different, the watch became a hot topic of discussion. At the time, of course, it was a work of misunderstanding. The watch, however, there are some arguments, in three years after its launch, many people changed his mind – including me again – and become a part of the series 5524 (even debut of platinum/blue dial combination).

Being a pilot’s watch does not mean that this calatrava pilot travels at 5524 hours and is not a proper Patek philippe replica. It combines the attributes of both worlds in an ideal way. For Patek Philippe, at least, it is 42mm in size and has a sense of movement in shape and design. On the other hand, it is made of platinum, not stainless steel. A large number of luminous Numbers are displayed on the dial, but they are very subtle in their execution. In addition, one of the watch’s features is Patek’s signature display, such as the “travel time” indicator on Aquanaut. Finally, the combination of a matte dark blue dial and a platinum case is sporty and comes with a pilot’s watch – perhaps that’s where it’s too radical to be Patek Philippe.